After a long time our website is back: is reachable again.

What happened: In 2018, our then website was hacked and taken over by a hacker. We had no option but to turn off the page.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t update our content management system Drupal at the time. So the site was offline for almost 2 years.

Thanks to Corona, we had time again

The current Corona Virus crisis has given us the time to tackle our site again. And here she is again.

We have implemented the old content and now we also offer a community in which anyone interested can register.

We will monitor every registration. By the way, this registration only applies to the community and not to the family tree. The family tree is separate from the website and the registrations there must be unlocked by me.

I wish you a lot of fun with the website, which I will be expanding especially in the genealogy wiki.

Dear Greeting from Dreieich,


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