On the following pages we offer you general information about our website, as well as a contact form for general questions to us.


First of all, you will find our imprint with all necessary data here. Please note that this is not a commercial site. We are a purely private initiative for the expansion and presentation of our family tree.


You will also find our privacy policy in detail. Please note that, especially today, in the age of the Internet, 100% data protection cannot be guaranteed. However, we try to obtain the highest level of data protection, but cannot control data that may be passed on to third parties unpersonalized (IP address, etc.) for the processing of processes on our website.

But that sounds worse than it is. We do not share personal data of any kind.

The main data of our family tree are on an external data server within my own local network and the processing of this data is carried out exclusively there. Only the data needed for display in the ONLINE family tree is exported to this WebServer.


You can find our contact form for general enquiries of all kinds in the Interaction section. Forms for the family can be found in the family section of this web page. Some forms are only available to logged-in users.

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