Since I collect and store data from our family, here is a summary description of where what data is stored and who has access to it in case of doubt.

A detailed privacy policy can be found here.


All family data is STORED LOCAL in my own network. NOBODY has access to this data from outside, nor can access is gained there. The network is secured by firewalls. Images and documents are stored exclusively local and stored as a paper copy in a storage system. Address data is NOT stored in the family tree system (MacFamily Tree)!


Addresses (Postal, eMail and other contact details) are also stored exclusively local in their own network. A previous filing in an external CRM program in the cloud has since been deleted. This information may be shared with other family members, but only with prior approval by the address owner.

Website’s website is hosted on an external server located at HostEurope GmbH in a German data center. All related data and websites are under my full control on a server I have dedicated.

There is no address data on the Web page and the family tree display. Password access and user login protect data from living people. Without login, only the surname and first letter of the first name are displayed.


The newsletters are sent via an external provider. Only the e-mail addresses and first names are known. According to the German Data Protection Act, these two data are not data worthy of protection.


Surveys are conducted using an external provider. No address data is stored there, as the invitation to the survey was made via the newsletter mailing list. However, I still check to what extent this function can be implemented on my own WebServer.

I hope to have clarified the security of the data through this detailed data protection description. I am doing everything I can to keep the data as safe as possible. If you have any further questions, please contact me via the contact form of this page.

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