When dealing with genealogy, a central component is, of course, the surname of the families. It is therefore also interesting how often a surname has spread in Germany (or another country).

Here is an overview of the 100 most common names in Germany.

The dominant position of the job titles is striking. Especially the professions, which were widespread at the time of name formation in the Middle Ages, are found in the first places. The profession of farmer was so widespread that it was unsuitable for distinguishing different persons in rural areas.

It is therefore only 13th. The farmers usually wore residential names, which described the location of the farm in more detail.


  1. Müller, professional title
  2. Schmidt, job title (all homophonic writing variants together would be number 1)
  3. Schneider, professional title
  4. Fischer, professional title
  5. Weber, professional title
  6. Meyer, job title (all homophonic writing variants together would give you place 2)
  7. Wagner, professional title
  8. Becker, job title, residence name
  9. Schulz, professional title
  10. Hoffmann, professional title
  11. Schäfer, professional title (Shepherd)
  12. Koch, professional title
  13. Bauer, Professional title
  14. Richter, professional title (Judge)
  15. Klein, attribute (“The Little One”)
  16. Wolf, origin of the name unclear
  17. Schroeder (Schneider), professional title
  18. Neumann, attribute (“The New”)
  19. Black, attribute (“The Black-haired”)
  20. Zimmermann, professional title
  21. Brown, attribute (“The Brown-haired”)
  22. Krüger, professional title
  23. Hofmann, professional title
  24. Hartmann, first name
  25. Lange, attribute (“The Great”)
  26. Schmitt, professional title
  27. Werner, first name
  28. Schmitz, professional title
  29. Krause, attribute
  30. Meier, professional title
  31. Lehmann, professional title/Status
  32. Schmid, professional title
  33. Schulze, professional title
  34. Maier, professional title
  35. Köhler, professional title
  36. Herrmann, first name
  37. König, Surname, House Name (King)
  38. Walter, first name
  39. Mayer, professional title
  40. Huber, professional title
  41. Kaiser, Surname, House Name
  42. Fuchs, Surname (Fox)
  43. Peters, first name
  44. Long, attribute
  45. Scholz, professional title
  46. Möller, professional title
  47. White, attribute
  48. Young, Property
  49. Hahn, Topname
  50. Schubert, professional title (shoemaker)
  51. Vogel, Surname; House name
  52. Friedrich, first name
  53. Keller, professional title
  54. Günther, first name
  55. Frank, origin (from Franconia)
  56. Berger, Residence Name
  57. Winkler, professional title
  58. Roth, Surname, Residence Name
  59. Beck, Residence Name
  60. Lorenz, first name
  61. Baumann, professional title (Farmer)
  62. Franke, origin (from Franconia)
  63. Albrecht, first name
  64. Schuster, Professional title
  65. Simon, first name
  66. Ludwig, first name
  67. Böhm, origin (from Bohemia)
  68. Winter, Surname
  69. Kraus, attribute
  70. Martin, first name
  71. Schumacher, professional title
  72. Krämer, professional title (small dealer)
  73. Vogt, professional title (advocatus, administrator)
  74. Stone, Residence Name
  75. Jäger, Professional title (Hunter)
  76. Otto, first name
  77. Summer, social relationship to the season
  78. Groß, attribute
  79. Seidel, first name (‘Sieg-‘ like Siegfried, Sieghart, Seywald)
  80. Heinrich, first name
  81. Brandt, personal name (Hildebrand, Gerbrand, Wolbrand etc.)
  82. Haas, house name, surname for the hunter
  83. Schreiber, professional title
  84. Graf, professional title (supervisor), surname
  85. Schulte, professional title (Schultheiß)
  86. Dietrich, first name
  87. Ziegler, professional name (brick burner)
  88. Kuhn
  89. Kühn, Property
  90. Pohl, origin of Poland; Relationship with Poland
  91. Engel, First Name, House Name (Angel)
  92. Horn, name of residence, designation of origin
  93. Busch, Residence Name
  94. Bergmann, name of residence (living on the mountain), professional title (Miner)
  95. Thomas, first name
  96. Voigt, professional title (advocatus, administrator)
  97. Sauer, attribute (evil, grim) (Sour)
  98. Arnold, first name
  99. Wolff, Topname
  100. Pfeiffer, professional title (Spielmann)

The name Schindler ranks 153rd

The name Thomma ranks 34,424th

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