This is the family section of the Web page.

Here you will find all information about persons and events in our family. This applies to both the 4 core families and all other persons covered. In addition to the family tree, you will also find documents and photos from our family archive here.

Below you will find a brief description of the individual contents.

As always, you can reach the areas via the main menu.


Certainly one of the most interesting sections of this web page. The family tree is an excerpt of the data stored in the external system on my Apple iMac. This data is exported using the GEDCOM standard and then uploaded to an application for this content management system. This application prepares the data accordingly for inspection. But more details about this in the area of the family tree.


Together with the family tree and the exploration of it, many documents and images are of course generated. Interesting pictures and documents are provided in this area of the family.

Please note: This is only a selection of the documents that are physically stored in the archive that is currently under construction. However, more information can be provided in the family archive section.

Note: The archive is still under construction and is not yet available!

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