What and who does the family tree include?

Now the question has to be answered on the basis of the starters. Since I started from my generation and included the partners, this family tree includes the following families as starting points, which I call core families:

  1. Schindler from Rastede, Oldenburg and Frankfurt
  2. Hoffmann from Rastede and Ostpreussen
  3. Schmidt from Pfullingen, Reutlingen and Stuttgart
  4. Thomma from the Black Forest and Switzerland

Mind you, these are only the core families, from which, however, further branches can be derived very quickly.

What period does the family tree span?

Now that varies according to the number of entries. As of today (October 2014), the family tree already covers a period from today to well into the 16th century.

By the way, the oldest entry is published regularly together with the family tree statistics.

It is also up to you how progress will be here. In any case, I would like to see many more discoveries.

How are the family tree data published?

First of all, a family tree is published online here. But more details about this in the own area. In addition, every single submitter of information receives from me a current printout of his data stored in the external family tree system by e-mail or, if desired, by post.

What else is available will be shown later in the family area and will be available for order there.

I hope that this will answer the essential questions first.

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