This core family consists of the maternal line of Uwe and Heiko Schindler, as well as their ancestors and descendants.

In the recent past, the family centre has been located in the area of the city of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. However, the marriage of Irma Hoffmann created a Danish line of this family.

Before the Second World War, however, the Oldenburg Line was located in East Prussia (now the Russian part). There, however, in 1944, during the flight from the Red Army, all property had to be abandoned. Thus, the East Prussian line became the Oldenburg line.

In the Oldenburg line, the surname Hoffmann has been extinguished, but due to the legal possibilities in Denmark it is continued by some children of the Pedersen family.

The oldest recorded event date of this line is currently the 26.03.1858, which marks the birthday of Wilhelm Hoffmann. However, another male ancestor is known by name.

NOTE The family coat of arms shown is an example and does not represent the coat of arms of this family.

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