In the family archive I publish interesting pictures or documents from my work.


These can be old family pictures, or photos of members of the family from current times.

In addition, articles related to people in the family tree will be published here.

This can also be a vita of a deceased, but also a recent story about a member of our family, or an interesting publication that someone has found in the newspaper about a member of our family.

Here you are also asked to let your imagination play. I already have some ideas, but more is not yet revealed.

Basically it says: Don’t put anything away, send everything to me in the family archive. I’ll see what I’m doing out of it.

Note This whole area is still under construction. We will keep you informed when the first entries come here.

If someone does not agree with a publication, please let me know via the general contact form. I then remove the entry.

©2022 by - Uwe Schindler

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