As is usually the case, this question is not easy to answer. On the other hand, the project has not simply fallen from the sky.

The trigger, I believe, was the death of my mother at the end of 2009 and the loss that resulted from it. I also suddenly realized that I don’t really know much about the whole relationship of my mother and father. Over the years and the many turmoils also through the wartime, contact within the family has been significantly interrupted.

I don’t know much about the whole time of the war, the flight and the settlement in the new home of Oldenburg. I was very annoyed not to have asked my mother to write down these experiences from that time. Now I want to at least try to save what is to be saved.

The family tree idea matured!

So the idea of creating a family tree came about from these considerations. And since a pedigree can’t begin in the empty room and I haven’t found any great ancestors yet, I just started with today’s generations, that is, starting from Volker and me, as well as all the others of my generation.

So the first frame was quickly set and the work took place quite quickly, because I still knew this generation for a large part, I thought anyway. But it stopped with the children of my father’s siblings, because there is no longer a lot of contact there.

But with the help of some questionnaires and some demand, at least the first gaps were filled.

The big litter came with documents from Heino Schindler!

My father then sent me some copies of old birth certificates together with his questionnaire, which I had to decipher. These are partly written from the days of the German Reich (the Third) and therefore partly still in the old süterlin script. I’ll tell you this isn’t that easy.

But it was worth it, because more than 40 new entries came into the family tree as a result and other documents I worked on.

But the work continues, the ambition is now awakened, and it is also fun. When you discover something, you feel like Indiana Jones, the movie hero.

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